Jason Boënne

Filmmaker - Photographer - DJ

Jason Boënne is an all-round filmmaker with over 10 years of professional experience as a director,
cinematographer and editor of mostly non fictional audiovisual work.

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Het MAS dat is …

Het MAS heeft een collectie van meer dan 500.000 objecten, het museum is de verbinding tussen de stad en de wereld én de verbinding tussen het verleden, het heden en de toekomst.

Gepostet von MAS | Museum aan de Stroom am Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2020

MAS Museum

Check out the promo video for MAS Museum in Antwerp.
Jason edited this one for DIPLODOKUS.

Melly Monday //
Tech N9ne – Like I ain’t

Jason has another go at music videos.
This time for the social media channel of MEL ROSS.
A very vocal female rapper from Antwerp.

Jaouad – Hard to Love

Jason is proud to announce the completion and release
of this latest audiovisual jewel.
Jaouad’s HARD TO LOVE is a song for healing. For everyone
who ever felt they we’re not good enough to love.
For everyone who experienced
a kind of love that makes you feel unworthy.
For everyone who felt they were hard to love.

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Film, however, was never Jason’s only passion.
Photography and DJ’ing have been Jason’s more hidden obsessions,
until now.