Jason Boënne

Filmmaker - Photographer - DJ


Since graduating with a Master degree in Documentary filmmaking at RITCS Brussels, he has directed 2 prize-winning documentary films: THE SMALL ARMY OF THE SILVER MOUNTAIN and  BETWEEN SUN AND SHADE.
He also edited 2 honored independent documentaries, THE CIRCLE by Bram Conjaerts (WINNER HOTDOCS 2013)
and THE APPLAUSE MAN by Ruben Vermeersch.

Aside from his indie work, Jason has made more than 20 hours of human interest programs for Flemish Television (VRT):
He also made several informative and commercial videos for the private and public sector, with clients such as Visit Mechelen and Traject Mobility.

For over 5 years now, Jason has also been involved in the music business,
by making aftermovies for event-organizer The Writer’s Bench.
His latest musical video jewels however are a music video for genderbending artist Jaouad Alloul,
which he co-directed with Tonny Vanderavert, a series of youtube videos for female rapper Mel Ross
and a mini-documentary about the newest album of singer songwriter Gea Russell, which is still to be released.

Film, however, was never Jason’s only passion.
Photography and DJ’ing have been Jason’s more hidden obsessions, until now.
As of 2018, Jason has widened his portfolio and is now making his photos and DJ skills public knowledge.
Consequently, you can book him as a photographer and DJ for your projects and events.

So if you dig his style, whether it be his vision or his sound, be sure to contact him!
Meanwhile, check out the website for more!