Jason Boënne

Filmmaker - Photographer - DJ

Entre Sol y Sombra

In Entre Sol y Sombra (Between Sun and Shade) we follow the life of Sergio, who is on the verge of becoming a professional matador and making his childhood dream come true. He has been selected for one of the most prestigious competitions, but times are tough. Bullfighting in Spain is under pressure and the economic reality leaves little room for young fighters in the arena. Everything depends on Sergio winning the final, his last chance to earn a position in a century-old tradition.

Directed by Jason Boënne
Cinematography: Jochen Struyff & Jason Boënne
Sound Design & Music: Gedeon De Pauw
Edited by: Elke Sengiers, Jason Boënne & Kobe Van Steenberghe
Producers: a team productions – Hendrik Verthé & Kobe Van Steenberghe

Best documentary, FICQ Queretaro Film Festival, Mexico 2017
Best short documentary, Alive Documentary Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA 2017

Athens International Film + Video Festival, Ohio, USA 2017
Ouchy Film Awards 2017, Lausanne, Zwitserland 2017
Oaxaca Sports Film Festival, Mexico 2017
Arlington International Film Festival, Massachussets, USA 2017