Jason Boënne

Filmmaker - Photographer - DJ

The small army of the Silver Mountain


In a world where firearms are simultaneously glorified and condemned by mainstream media,
you can find a small group of people in the Antwerp underground that feel quite differently about guns.
A story about men with particular tales in a peculiar basement.

Directed by Jason Boënne
Executive Producer: RITS Filmschool Brussel
Producer: Jason Boënne
Editor: Jason Boënne & Dieter Allaerts
Cinematographer: Jason Boënne
Sound: Bastiaan Delforche & Tonny Vanderavert

Victoria Independent Film Festival 2010, Melbourne, Australië
EDINDOCS 2010 Documentary Film in Edinburgh, Schotland
DocUTAH 2010 Southern Utah International Documentary Festival, USA
CircuitoOFF 2010 International Short Film Festival Venice, Italië
XIII Brooklyn International Film Festival 2010, USA
DOCVILLE 2010 International Documentary Festival Leuven, België
13th International Student Film Festival Tel-Aviv 2010, Israël

VAF Wildcard Documentaire, Internationaal Kortfilmfestival Leuven 2009
International Documentary Prize Lago Film Fest, Italië 2010